Abstract Painting is Harder Than It Looks

If you struggle with how to start an abstract acrylic painting, get stuck often, or keep mixing mud, then you are not alone!

Abstract painting SEEMS approachable at first. But after getting started, so many people realize that it's harder than they think.  They keep getting muddy colors, they don't know what to do next, and they have no idea when the painting is finished.

That's where I come in!  This abstract acrylic painting course focuses on the two areas my students struggle with most:  color and composition.  I will show you how to mix colors like a pro, teach you six eye-catching composition types, and provide you with a plethora of techniques and tool ideas to make your abstract paintings stand out. Through slides on art vocabulary and multiple demonstration videos, you will be armed with all the resources you need to make abstract painting flow easily.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Abstraction Painting Beyond Boundaries!

    2. Overview of Modules

    3. About Your Instructor

    4. Supply List

    5. Course Assignment Packet

    6. Course Overview

    1. Brief History of Abstract Painting

    2. Mindset for Abstract Painting

    3. Beginner's Basics: Learn About Acrylic Painting Supplies

    4. Beginner's Basics: How to Care for Acrylic Painting Supplies

    5. Beginner's Basics: Brush Marks Overview

    6. Basic Brush Marks Poster

    7. Elements of Art

    8. Elements of Art Poster

    1. Color Terms

    2. How to Create a Tint & Shades Chart

    3. Module 2 Assignment: Color Charts

    4. How to Make a Neutrals Chart

    5. Mix Any Color You Want Demo

    6. Module 2 Assignment: Color Scheme Thumbnail Sketch

    7. Color Scheme Slideshow

    8. Painting Demo: Complementary Color Scheme

    1. Composition Slideshow

    2. Module 3 Assignment: Composition Exploration

    3. Painting Demo: Diagonals & Low Horizon Composition/Triadic Color Scheme

    1. Painting Demo: Creating a Balanced Painting

    2. Module 4 Assignment: Putting it All Together

    3. Module 4 Assignment: Final Reflections

    4. You Did It!

About this course

  • 29 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

What You Will Learn

  • How to start a painting easily with my six-step method to abstract painting

  • How to mix any color you want

  • How to mix and use tints & shades to create depth in your paintings.

  • How to how to use several key painting tools and mediums to create eye-catching effects

  • How to create a structure in your artworks through strong composition

  • How to nurture a mindset conducive to a fruitful abstract painting process

  • How to apply rules from representational painting to abstraction, resulting in highly sophisticated pieces

  • How to know when your painting is done, and if it is a strong piece.

Get Started on Your Journey to Abstract Mastery Today


Your course purchase gives you access to my community, in which I run monthly critiques, and also upload bonus demos.

Put the techniques you learn into practice during monthly group critiques.  Get feedback from Andrea, as well as other creatives on this abstract acrylic painting journey with you. 

Bring a painting you are working on for our critiques, and be ready to share your successes and road blocks.  Most students find it powerful to learn that others are having similar struggles and hear the creative ways they are implementing the lessons learned from the course.

We can’t wait to grow together as artists!


Social proof: testimonials

“Andrea allowed me to step outside my very tidy world of black and white realism and jump into a playful world of color where anything goes. No boundaries, no rules, no personal criticism and no masterpiece requirements. What a freeing breath of fresh air and I loved it!”

Barbara S.

“Grateful for your teaching and class experience! ”

Jenna N.

“I now look at paintings…mine and others…in a new way. Too many art classes simply teach/reflect the style of the teacher in place of core principles and encouragement to craft one’s own style. ”

Jan P.

“Andrea is a phenomenal teacher who has a gift to teach the technical aspects of painting and encourage you to find your own voice as an artist. I have taken her workshop twice and have grown in my work from her support, encouragement, as well as her kind and meaningful constructive critiques of my work”

Kat W.


Do you ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels when you paint and that you are missing some key concepts? Like no matter how hard you try, your paintings turn out mediocre and you end up feeling frustrated?

If so, then Abstraction Without Boundaries is definitely for you! 

I will teach you core concepts about painting using a condensed, step-by-step method I developed after almost three decades of painting.

I will first teach you what you need to know about color.  Once you've gotten a grasp on color, I'll teach you how to apply your newfound knowledge to strong composition types. Next I add in several unique tools and painting methods that will inspire you to push beyond boundaries and innovate your techniques. Finally, I show you what I do to determine if I have a strong, finished piece on my hands.

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